Spencer Spreckelsville Subdivision Back on Track

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The County Council Land Use Commision voted by a 7-1 margin to recommend approvals for a zoning change and community plan amendment necessary for developer Henry Spencer’s proposed 16 lot Spreckelsville subdivision. The approval came after the council voted to require public access easements across the property for public beach access. Spencer had no objections to this condition. The land use council’s recommendations are scheduled to go before the County Council on July 22nd. If all proceeds smoothly on the 22nd, the planning commision will provide final SMA approval on August 9th. Lots would go on sale shortly therafter. The sale of the lots would be contingent upon final subdivision approval. We will continue to monitor the approval process over the next month and a half. Contact us today if you would like to receive e-mail updates and additional information on the Spencer Spreckelsville subdivision.

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