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Spikeless Palm Trimming on Maui

The coconut palm is synonymous with tropical living. From the aesthetic appeal, to the acoustic appeal, there is a good reason why many island residents incorporate the coconut palm into their home’s landscaping. I imagine the demand will only grow as more and more people are touting the nutritional and medicinal qualities of coconut water. While coconuts have their many attributes, they do pose some maintenance challenges. Taller palms often need to be to trimmed and coconuts harvested. Traditionally, this task is carried out by scaling the trees with spiked boots. This method is not without its drawbacks. The spikes leave holes in the trunk of the palm that scar the tree. More importantly, these holes can leave the coconut palm more vulnerable to disease. I recently came across a Maui palm trimming business that trims palms using a spikeless method, Pure Life Palm Trimmers. They use specialized tree platforms that allow them to scale the trunks of palms without damaging spikes. While this method costs more, it will be better for the health of your landscaping.

Pete Jalbert

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