Spreckelsville Real Estate Market 2016 First Quarter Market Update

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Spreckelsville has had one of the strongest real estate markets on Maui over the last few years. This North Shore neighborhood is desirable due to good beaches, great water sports, and its proximity to the Maui Country Club, Paia Town and Central Maui amenities. While the volume of properties sold is never that high, there has been strong appreciation and a good number of the properties have been sold before they are even listed. With that context, it has been a slow start to 2016.

The map above shows the current inventory of properties listed for sale in Spreckelsville and the 2015 sales. It is noteworthy that there have been no sales in 2016 and no sales in the second half of 2015 for that matter. What gives?

Well, for a good part of the second half of 2015 there was limited inventory in Spreckelsville. For a few months, there were only two listings. There was one condo at Sugar Cove that was priced well above market comparables. There was also one home that was listed in the Spreckelsville V neighborhood. The home backed up to Hana Highway and it was listed at a higher price than any previous Sprecks V sales price. That home was pulled from the market in October. 477 Laulea came to the market in October and 1050 Kapakaulua came to market in November of 2015. Limited inventory at higher price points tends to lead to fewer sales. Since the calendar has turned, we have seen 3 additional listings come on the market.

The combination of new inventory combined with a recent significant price reduction on the Sugar Cove condo suggests that the Spreckelsville dry streak for sales will likely end within the next few months. Check out the Spreckelsville Real Estate Listings for additional photos and details on the current inventory. Check out the Little Blue Beach House listing page for more details on our current Spreckelsville listing. Contact The Maui Real Estate Team if you have questions about the community or are interested in buying or selling property in Sprecks. Martin and Billy both call Spreckelsville home. They know the community as well as any agent on island.

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