Spring time in the Upcountry

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In a place like Maui, the seasons tend to be a little more subtle. Our seasons are not as evident through drastic changes in temperature or all the trees shedding their leaves. You can tell season more through changes in precipitation, seasonal waves and the flowering of certain plants. You can tell that it is springtime in the Upcountry area of Maui when the Jacaranda start to bloom. These beautiful trees erupt into a vibrant display of purple during April and May. The following are some pictures from Billy’s wife Carla and our friend Daniel Sullivan.

Carla took this picture of a row of Jacaranda’s blooming in Maui.

Daniel took this great close up of a Jacaranda in full bloom.

This is a great shot of the view from the Upcountry and a Jacaranda along a windy road.

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