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Start of the Winter Surf Season

September is the time of year when the Hawaii’s North Shores see the start of the winter surf season. As we enter fall in the Northern Hemisphere, storm activity becomes more pronounced in the North Pacific. These early fall storms start to bring waves to our Northern and Western Shorelines. The winter season is the season that brings big waves and talented surfers from all over the globe to Hawaii. True to form, the last couple of weeks have seen a few stronger storms that have brought small waves to the island. This morning, it felt like the first real day of the winter surf season. While the waves were not large by winter standards, calm winds, glassy waves and the hope of waves to come brought the masses out to the surf lineups.

For me, it was my opportunity to ride my favorite winter surf break. I can’t claim to be a big wave rider or a great surfer for that matter, but I do enjoy the winter waves and the chance to see friends out on the water. All of the regular crew was out at my break this morning and we all shared big smiles and a handful of small, but fun waves. Let’s hope that this winter brings ample waves and lots of fun for everyone.

Pete Jalbert

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