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I wanted to take a bit of a tangent from our usual real estate posts to share a video put together a little earlier this year about the Paia Youth and Cultural Center (PYCC).

The Paia Youth and Cultural Center is a program based youth center located on the beach at Paia Bay. There are over 500 members who participate at the PYCC on an annual basis. A free membership gives the youth access to programs like the Paia Bay Cafe, Hekili Multimedia Lab, RadiOpio, Project Venture, the Stone Wave Skate Park and more. As the video shows above, this really is a fantastic venue for the Youth of Maui to grow, play, laugh and learn. While membership is free, the costs to operate the PYCC are considerable. The Youth Center is dependent upon a combination of grants and contributions from individuals. The Maui Real Estate Team is a proud supporter of the PYCC. Please consider making a year end contribution to PYCC to help support this fantastic not for profit organization and Maui’s Youth.

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