Survey Suggests Island Residents Support Vacation Rentals

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When Mayor Charmaine Tavares began her crack down on non-permitted vacation rentals, she suggested that her actions were reflecting the wishes of the residents of Maui. The mayor argued that the majority of Maui residents thought vacation rentals had an adverse impact on communities when they spread from resort areas. These statements were made with out a vote or any sort of polling. Up until recently, neither side of the debate could provide any sort of quantitative evidence of majority support for or against rentals. A recent poll conducted by a group hired by the Realtors Association of Maui suggests that the vacation rental crackdown lacks public support. By a two to one ratio, Maui residents oppose the adoption of ordinances that would greatly restrict or outlaw vacation rentals. Additionally, 57% of residents believe that vacation rentals are generally good for the community. These are just some of the polling questions answered by respondents. Click here to review the complete survey results.

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