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Looking at our blog of late, there have been more pictures of graphs than Maui scenery. This weekend, Billy and I were out in Hana with the family. With few places more photogenic than Hana, I thought this might be a good time to add some color to the blog.

The weekend weather was actually pretty stormy. Gusty trade winds brought intermittent showers and whipped up the seas on east facing coastlines. It made for some dramatic scenery when waves met the rugged Hana coastline.

The waves were even bigger by Monday morning creating truly dramatic seas.

The showers held off on Monday for our visit to the Kipahulu section of Haleakala National Park. The “seven sacred pools” were closed due to high waters, but it was a great day to hike the Pipiwai trail!

I love doing the full loop around Haleakala when visiting Maui. It shows you the full gamut of Maui climate zones. Here we are entering the drier zones past Kaupo looking towards the rainy areas of East Maui.

The backside of Haleakala makes for truly dramatic scenery.

Just to keep this real estate related, here is a link to the current inventory of Hana Homes for Sale.

Pete Jalbert

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75 Alalele Road, Hana Home for Sale, Maui

This past Friday, the yearly Hana Real Estate caravan was held. This event allows Maui Real Estate agents to preview an opportunity to preview a number of homes listed in the secluded Hana area of Maui. I had the chance to showcase my listing at 75 Alalele Road in the Ka’eleku area of Hana.

I headed out to East Maui a night early so I could take some photos and video of the house at dusk and dawn. I was excited to get some new pictures of the listing and to have the opportunity to experience the property first hand. You tend to get a whole new appreciation of a home when you have spent a night under its roof.

I arrived to showery weather in Hana. While not unexpected along the windward coast of Maui, the showers were enhanced by a local weather disturbance. This made photos a bit of a challenge. I was dashing around the grounds of the property in between breaks in the showers to snap photos. The wrap around deck of the home made for a great shelter from the intermittent rain. The clouds broke for a short while right as the twilight was getting deeper. That enabled me to take a few longer exposures of the house and the soaring palms on the property.

Before long, it was too dark for photos. I was able to open up all of the sliding glass doors and enjoy the cool Hana air flowing through the home. The only noise was the whispering of wind through palm fronds and the occasional patter of passing rain showers. The cedar walls and koa cabinetry in the kitchen and great room glowed thanks to the recessed lighting in the living room. The soaring cathedral ceilings added to the atmosphere. It made for a warm and cozy environment no matter how hard the passing rain showers fell.

Dawn broke to stillness and birds chirping. Tropical fragrances wafted through the sliding doors. I grabbed my camera hoping to take advantage of the morning light. I continued to play cat and mouse with passing showers, but was able to get some more photos from around the grounds of the home. The orange trees around the property were blossoming and their fragrance hung in the air. The rolling lawns glistened under the moisture of the passing showers. I noticed more and more of the impressive trees around the property. A massive Kukui tree grows ten yards from the master bedroom. Most of the western treeline of the property is interspersed with healthy avocado trees.

Before too long, I had to put away the camera gear to get ready for the open house. Turnout was strong with over 25 people coming through the property. Feedback was resoundingly positive on the home. While I am thankful for the good attendance, I was even more appreciative of the quality time I was able to spend at this beautiful property.

This Hana Home for sale is offered for $780,000. This property sold! Contact The Maui Real Estate Team for assistance with other Hana Real Estate Listings.

Pete Jalbert