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Windward Weather

If I were to point to a single factor that influences Maui’s weather the most, it would be the trade winds. The trade winds that grace our islands typically blow from the Northeast. The winds help keep cool breezes blowing, moderate humidity, and carry the trade showers that bring important precipitation to our shores. The windward sides of the island are the most exposed to our trade winds. As a result, they receive the most precipitation. The leeward sides of the island are frequently shielded from the trades and their associated precipitation by the West Maui Mountains and Haleakala. The rain shadows of these land masses contribute to the significant variability in island micro climates. The last few days have seen accelerated trade winds and a bump in shower activity along windward shores.

While weekends like this one can make for mixed beach weather for windward coastlines, the blend of showers, sun and rainbows creates a visual feast.

Pete Jalbert