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Gorgeous Summer Weather on Maui

Maui has had a truly spectacular run of weather. Light to moderate trade winds, deep blue skies and puffy white trade clouds have been the norm of late. Here are a few photos from around the North Shore of Maui over the last couple of days for those who are craving a taste of Maui.


This shot was taken from the backyard of a home in Kuau over Mama’s Beach and towards Hookipa Beach Park. The winter waves have been replaced by much calmer summer conditions.

Pete Jalbert

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Earth Day Tribute to Maui

To celebrate Earth Day, I wanted to post a tribute to the natural beauty of Maui. This is a compilation of 10 photos and videos from around Maui and its surrounding ocean waters. I have also included links to five organizations that are working to protect and preserve the environment of Hawaii through conservation and education.

The East Maui coastline where Jungle Meets the Ocean

Haleakala Crater

The rough and rugged coastline just south of Hana

The view from a North Shore tide pool looking towards the West Maui Mountains

A rainbow and a passing rain squall along the North Shore of Maui

The Waihee Valley in the West Maui Mountains

The tail of a humpback whale offshore from Lahaina Maui

The Waters around Black Rock in Ka’anapali

Honolua Bay Marine Preserve near Kapalua

Here are the five environmental not for profits that work in Maui County that would welcome your support on Earth Day!

Donate to the Hawaiian Island Land Trust to support their efforts to preserve land around Maui and the rest of the Hawaiian Islands.

Support The Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project and their efforts to preserve Maui’s Native Bird Species and their native forest habitats.

Join or donate to The Maui Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation for the preservation of local surf breaks, clean ocean water and beaches.

Help the Maui Huliau Foundation with their environmental education Efforts for Maui Youth.

Support The Nature Conservancy Hawaii and their projects that preserve, protect and restore the Natural Environment of Hawaii.

Pete Jalbert

Maui Real Estate Blog

Another Beautiful Weekend on Maui

It was another beautiful weekend on Maui. It felt like the weekend kicked off a little earlier than usual with the county fair starting on Thursday. The weather was great and we basked under the glow of a full moon on Saturday. Here are some pictures that Billy and I snapped this weekend from around the island.


Pete Jalbert