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Photos from Fourth of July Weekend on Maui

I thought it was worth sharing a few photos from The Fourth of July Holiday on Maui. We didn’t make it over to the fireworks in Lahaina, but a couple of members of the team were down at Sugar Cove in the evening for a Fourth of July Picnic. The sunset skies over Maui were more spectacular than anything you might expect with a fireworks display.

Today, I was Upcountry in Makawao town for the Fourth of July parade.

The parade always starts off with Stick Horse races up and down Baldwin Avenue. The parade itself includes a variety of Rodeo participants, classic cars, political candidates, businesses and more.

The Festivities Upcountry continue through tonight and tomorrow with the last two days of the Makawao Rodeo up at Oskie Rice Arena in Olinda.

Pete Jalbert