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Complete The Stonewave Skatepark At The Paia Youth And Cultural Center

The Paia Youth and Cultural Center (PYCC) has just launched a Kickstarter project to complete the PYCC’s Stonewave Skatepark. The Stonewave skatepark has been up and running providing a safe and fun environment for youth from all over the island to skateboard. The park was completed to about 90% with temporary wooden ramps filling out the remaining ten percent of the park. Time and weather have been unkind to the ramps and they were recently decommissioned due to safety issues. The youth of PYCC would like to complete the park once and for all with a permanent concrete street course. The old ramps have been removed and initial foundation work has been done for the new park. However, construction has been put on hiatus due to lack of funding. PYCC has launched their own Kickstarter campaign to fill the gap. They are trying to raise $3,000 between now and April 17th. Pledges will be refunded if the full goal of $3,000 is not met by that time. Check out the video below for more details.

If you would like to make a pledge, check out the PYCC Stonewave Skatepark Kickstarter Page. Mahalo for your consideration!

Pete Jalbert