The Importance of Making Offers…

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There’s an old saying in life, “No ask, No get”. Well that adage applies to real estate as well. During the bull run on Maui Real Estate from 2001 to 2007, attempting to purchase a property at a discount was a challenge to say the least. Sellers often remained steadfast in their pricing and counter offers. This was an effective strategy since there was usually another buyer coming around the corner. Well as Bob Dylan says, “The times they are a changing…”

If you are interested in a property on Maui, I encourage you to get your ducks in order (pre-approval from a lender or cash ready) and make the offer. The worst thing that can happen is a Seller may say no. Or in the case of Wailea Beach Villas Unit 102, the Seller may say YES! Wailea Beach Villas A-102 sold today for $7.8 million. The asking price was $10.9 million. That equates to just under 72% of asking price. This 3 bedroom 3.5, 2,931 square foot oceanfront Villa was considered one of the crown jewels of the Wailea Beach Villas development. Congratulations to the savvy buyer with the courage and wherewithal to secure a deal that many who looked at the property didn’t think was possible. Been eyeing a property on Maui and wondering what the seller will say? Contact the Maui Real Estate Team to discuss a market appropriate strategy and we’ll help you MAKE AN OFFER!

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