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The Maui Real Estate Blog Turns Three

It is hard to believe we have been posting on THE Maui Real Estate Blog for three years. We take pride in making this an up to date resource that keeps our current and prospective clients informed on the Maui Real Estate market and general events on the island. That being said, there are a lot of old posts from the last three years that are still relevant today. If you are thinking about buying or selling a home, you may want to read our Home Buyer Tips or our Seller’s Tips. If you find the vocabulary peculiar to real estate transactions to be confusing, check out the archived posts on Real Estate Terminology. We often get requests for information on new developments that are planned or under construction on Maui. The archive on New Maui Developments has information on developments that are attempting to get approval through Maui County and sales information for developments that have already been approved. If you are interested in Green and Sustainable building, we have a growing number of archived posts in the Maui Green Building section. For many that are contemplating a move to Maui, they want to learn more about the lifestyle of the island. Perusing the old posts in the Maui Culture and Maui Activities sections is a good way to get a sense of some of the activities and events that happen year to year on the island. Last but not least, check out our Maui Photos for great photos that help to capture the beauty of our island.

Pete Jalbert

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