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The Perils of Bird Poop

A lot of second home owners on Maui keep cars on island. There can be a number of advantages including convenience, cost and personal vehicle preferences. I was showing a condo in Kihei on Saturday when I was struck by one of the disadvantages.

A parked car can be an appealing target for island Myna birds. Unless you want to spend the first moments of your Maui visit cleaning bird excrement, you may want to consider a way to protect your vehicle.

A good car cover is the most basic way of keeping your car clean. It is worth doing your due diligence on which car covers offer the best protection. Flimsy covers can tear apart in Maui’s trade winds. You also need to make sure that the cover does not scratch the paint on your car.

If you are particular about your car, you may want to consider something like the Car Barn. The Car Barn is a full service car storage facility. Services include registration renewal, maintenance and airport pick up and delivery.

Pete Jalbert

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