Three Signs of Spring on Maui

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I saw three pretty strong signs that spring is here on Maui. I know, I know. Seasons seem like a strange concept on an island that varies ten degrees or less in a year when it comes to high temperatures. That being said, the subtle signs of season change are evident. Today, I had to make a quick run up Haleakala Highway. Right as I approached Kula, I noticed that the Jacaranda trees were full of purple blossoms. These are some of the lower elevation Jacarandas. I imagine the area will peak in the next couple of weeks. The vibrant flowers and the usual carpet of fallen petals underneath are always a spring time treat.

Speaking of spring time treats, I picked up my first Maui grown Mango of the season in the grocery store today. Undoubtedly, this was from over in the Lahaina or Kihei area. This area usually produces the first fruit followed by Kahului, Paia and cooler locales. While I enjoy all mangoes, fresh Maui grown mangoes taste that much better.

The last sign of spring came to me via e-mail today. I received a Maui Civil Defense Notification letting us know that there was a High Surf Advisory for the South Shores of the Hawaiian Islands. As it approaches winter in the southern hemisphere, we start to see swell coming in from the South as a result of bigger storms from the Austral Winter. This is our first South Shore high surf advisory that I have noticed of the season.

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