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TVR Proponents Suffer Setback

The Planning Committee of the Maui County Council took up the Transient Vacation Rental issue in a meeting yesterday. The council has been reviewing a series of bills drafted by the planning department that would provide new processes and guidelines for vacation rentals and bed and breakfasts. The bills are restrictive and would permanently remove many of the island’s non-permitted rentals. They would however, streamline the application process. The bills have been opposed by TVR advocates like the Maui Vacation Rental Association. The MVRA was looking to broaden the definition of Bed and Breakfasts, provide better regulation and streamline the process. While no votes were held on Tuesday, the tenor of the meeting was discouraging to the MVRA.

Perhaps the biggest blow came when the council decided that they would not consider expanding the definition of Bed and Breakfasts to include ohanas. The council also decided that they were against any corporate or off island ownership and non-proprietor management. The only expanded definition for Bed and Breakfasts at this point allows for the possibility of B and B’s in agricultural and rural zones. Although, the planning department has added the subjective criteria that the B and B can not change the character of a rural, agricultural or residential neighborhood.

The council will continue to address the issue with an all day session on July 1st. This session will delve into TVRs in greater depth. TVRs are differentiated from B and B’s in that the owner does not necessarily reside on the property. Check out today’s Maui News for a more in depth review of yesterday’s planning committee meeting. We will continue to provide updates on the TVR and B&B ordinances on THE Maui Real Estate blog.

Pete Jalbert

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