Walkable Paia

Sometimes, it’s nice to leave your car parked at home. There are a handful of communities around Maui where the potential to walk to amenities is better. Paia is near the top of the list. This North Shore beach town is pretty compact. A good number of neighborhoods have sidewalk access to town. Downtown Paia offers numerous restaurants, coffee shops, grocery shopping at Mana Foods, banking at Bank of Hawaii, Yoga, Ice Cream and more. You don’t have to load up the car to go to the beach. Paia Bay and Baldwin Beach are located to the West of town. As an added bonus, the bike path provides access to more beaches in Spreckelsville and shopping and other amenities in Kahului.

The homes listed for sale below are in an area that I am calling Walkable Paia. I defined this area as both sides of Hana Highway within the vicinity of downtown. It extends as far east as Kuau Bayview. Can you walk from areas further East than Kuau Bayview? Sure. That said, this neighborhood is where the sidewalk ends and it is a different proposition walking along the relatively narrow shoulder to the east of that neighborhood. It extends up Baldwin Avenue to Skill Village. It is worth noting that it might be a little bit of a stretch for some to walk to and from town or the beach from Skill Village. That said, I see people making that walk everyday.

If living a less car centric lifestyle in one of Maui’s best beach towns sounds appealing, scroll down to see the current inventory of Walkable Paia Homes for sale. Contact The Maui Real Estate Team with questions on any of the current listings. You can also walk into our office the next time you are in Paia. We are located at 71 Baldwin Avenue B-6.