Waste Not Want Not Needs Support

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A couple of month’s back I wrote a blog post about a new non-profit on island called Waste Not Want Not. Waste Not Want Not collects surplus fruit and vegetables grown in Maui back yards and redistributes them to the Maui County Foodbank and other charities that support Maui’s needy and lower income population. According to an article in yesterday’s Maui News, the organization has been successful in attracting Maui homeowners and businesses that have excess or unwanted produce. However, they have been having a harder time getting financial support. They need monetary donations to help run and insure an old cargo van that they use to pick up and deliver produce. Donations may also enable the group to expand both the amount of produce they receive and the geography where they operate. Thus far collections have come primarily from the Upcountry area of Maui. There have been people interested in donating from literally all corners of the island. If you would like to contribute you may call 808 874 8038 or e-mail [email protected].

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