Waste Not Want Not

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There was an article in today’s Maui News about a great new local non-profit. Maui is fortunate to have a warm tropical climate with a year round growing season. As a result, there are backyards all over the island with fruit bearing trees. Some of these trees produce prolific amounts of fruit and much of it falls on the ground where it will rot. Waste Not Want Not is a new organization that goes to homes and regularly collects unwanted ripe fruit. They then distribute the fruit to schools, senior centers and other needy island residents. It is a welcome addition to the local charity scene as the need for food donations grows during difficult economic times. Waste Not Want Not’s website is still under construction. However, if you are interested in donating fruit from your trees, donating or volunteering to harvest you can call 808 874 8038 or e-mail [email protected].

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