Water A Key Issue for Honua’ula

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Water is proving to be a critical issue for the proposed Honua’ula development in South Maui. The county of Maui is currently experiencing drought conditions on leeward parts of the island. The drought conditions has led the county to impose water restrictions for a significant portion of the island. The drought conditions and a need for additional water storage and infrastructure in the Upcountry have raised water to the forefront of planning and infrastructure issues. With existing residents cutting back, questions are being raised about the availability of water for future developments. There is discussion amongst members of county council about passing a bill that would require developers to provide more proof of an adequate water source before the development can be approved. Discussions on the availability for water were a focus of discussions during the county council land use committee’s meeting to discuss Honua’ula on Thursday. While the developer gave assurances that there was sufficient water to support the development, members of the county council wanted to see more evidence. This issue remains unresolved. Other items that were discussed included school funding and the potential to scale back the development.

Check out today’s Maui News for additional coverage of Thursday’s Land Use Committee meeting.

The Maui Real Estate Blog will continue to provide coverage on Honua’ula.

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