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Water Catchment

There are a number of rural areas on the windward side of Maui that are isolated from island infrastructure including county water service. Being that this is an area of that receives frequent precipitation, many home owners will use water catchment for domestic water use. Catchment systems capture water off the roof of a home and channel the water into a storage system. The water is filtered at the storage facility and enters a house’s plumbing via pressure or in some cases gravity. Catchment is appealing due to its lower cost than wells and the clean quality water that is produced. The cost of these systems is roughly a dollar per gallon of water stored. While catchment may seem daunting to some home buyers, catchment systems have been in use for some time in Hawaii. They are a great source of potable water.

There are also growing numbers of people who augment county or well water via smaller catchment systems. These smaller 50-100 gallon devices can connect to gutter systems and store excess rain water. These are primarily used for watering gardens.

Pete Jalbert

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