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The end of February and the month of March were pretty turbulent weather wise in the Hawaiian Islands. Fortunately for Maui residents, the worst of the weather was concentrated on the western end of the island chain on Oahu and Kauai. Those areas were subject to a lot of heavy rain and frequent flash flooding. In Maui, our skies were a little less sunny than usual and we experienced some good soaking rains. Maui was more prone to thunderstorms which are unusual in our atmosphere. We even had a few funnel clouds appear on island! This unusual weather was spurred by a stationary low pressure system that cut off our trade winds and drew abundant moisture from the tropics south of Maui.

After a few weeks of mixed weather, today was a pleasant change. I joined Billy and his kids on the beach this morning. The cooling 15 mile per hour trade winds were a pleasant respite from the heat of the sun and sign that the worst weather is over for now. I know island residents and visitors alike are happy to be returning to the amazing weather that has helped to make Maui such a popular destination.

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