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Welcome Rain

For those that have been visited Maui over the last 6-8 months, chances are you had really good weather. This winter was an El Nino year. For Hawaii, that means drier than normal conditions. It was an extremely dry winter and those conditions have persisted through the spring and early summer. While some windward locations have received decent moisture, Paia, where we are located, has had little precipitation beyond a few passing showers. That is why it was so nice to hear a steady rain falling on the roof Sunday morning. The source of the showers was the remnants of an unusual summer time cold front. It was also a reminder of one of the reasons that I enjoy living on the windward side of the island. The sound of night time rain, the more lush vegetation and the frequent rainbows all make the North Shore area of Maui a wonderful place to live.

Pete Jalbert

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