West Maui Mountains and the West Maui Coastline from Above

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Billy’s Wife Carla recently had the opportunity to do a photo shoot via helicopter. Along the way, she snapped some cool photos that she sent along that help show some Maui’s tremendous beauty.

The peaks of the West Maui Mountains are draped in clouds, but the flanks still make for some dramatic imagery.

This is the Kahana and Napili area from above.

This is a shot of Napili from above with a little bit of Kapalua and the Bay Golf Course on the left side of the photo.

This shot shows parts of Mokule’ia Bay, Honolua Bay and Kapalua’s Plantation Course.

Thanks to Carla for sharing some of her photos. I get to see the beauty of Maui at ground level on a day to day basis. It is nice to get the bird’s eye view.

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