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West Maui Park Space Up for Review

A bold plan to create a park between the Pali and Puamana in West Maui is working its way through the approval process. The project would coincide with a state plan that would push the Honoapi’ilani Highway back from the coast line. Under the county plan, most of the public land on the ocean side of the relocated highway will be converted to park land. This would lead to almost 7 miles of park land for Maui residents and visitors. The county has already purchased 100 acres in the Ukumehame area for the project. The county has created a draft environmental assessment and made it available for public review. Copies will be available between now and January 8th at the Lahaina and Wailuku public libraries. Comments are encouraged. The environmental assessment will need to be signed off on by the State Office of Environmental Quality Control before the project can advance further. At that point, the county should be able to purchase additional acreage necessary to make the park a reality. This is an exciting opportunity to preserve the local shoreline environment. We will continue to monitor efforts to create this new park in the Maui Real Estate Blog.

For more information on the project, Check out this article in last week’s Maui News.

Pete Jalbert

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