Winter Time Warnings

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Winter time in Hawaii is often marked by Kona Winds and large to even giant surf. It has not felt a whole lot like winter through most of this season. Kona winds have been a rarity with trade winds predominant. The surf while big by most standards has been tame for Hawaii. We saw things start to change last week with a giant surf episode. This week is likely the most decidedly winter weather we will experience as of yet. Kona winds started blowing yesterday and were grooming the waves along our North Shore today. The Konas are supposed to blow most of the week. The surf was beginning to rise around sunset with a High Surf Warning announced for North and West facing shores. Wave heights are expected to be 25 feet plus Monday rising even higher on Tuesday. It should be advisory or warning level surf for most of the week. We may even get some much needed rain on the dry sides of the island this week.

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