Off the grid homes on Maui

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The east side of Maui is one of the most beautiful areas in all of Hawaii. Far from the resorts of west and south Maui, this side of the island offers seclusion and a beautiful unspoiled Hawaiian paradise. Part of the seclusion means an absence of infrastructure. County water and electricity are often far away from homesites. The absence of infrastructure does not prohibit the building of a home. Instead, homeowners in more secluded locations will build off the grid homes. Water can be provided by well, or catchment systems may be utilized where rainfall is sufficient. Electricity is powered through solar power and increasingly through wind power. While off the grid living may conjure images of rickety generators and flickering power, today’s state of the art alternative energies are technologically advanced yet amazingly simple to maintain. Flip on a switch and the lights go on. Open the fridge and the beer is cold. Your ice makers will make ice and your dish washers will wash dishes. Off the grid living also offers a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way of living. Some home owners on Maui have even pursued off the grid technologies in places where infrastructure is readily available. Some of the solar powered homes are even connected to the grid providing surplus energy to the power company.

The Jim Sanders office has a couple of spectacular off the grid listings in Haiku on the North Shore.

A’ala Pua Mahina has already been featured in our blog. This spectacular estate is located off the grid in Haiku. This property spreads over 9.6 gorgeous acres. Situated in a private valley, it is bordered by two streams and conservation land directly on the ocean. The Sky House and the Ocean House are the two spectacular residences on the property. The homes are both living structure and pieces of art. Intricate mosaic tiles in the bathrooms and pools, wood carvings forming the frames of windows and rooflines as well as an extensive collection of art and crafts from around the world combine to make these one of a kind homes. The two homes on the property both run seemlessly under separate state of the art solar systems.

Living off the grid can put you that much closer to the beauty of Hawaii. Freshwater pools running towards the ocean at A’ala Pua Mahina.

Secluded splendor at the Sky House.
This property is listed for $4.5 million dollars. The Jalbert Brothers may represent you as buyer’s agents.

Just up the road is another spectacular off the grid property with fantastic potential. The property consists of 26.7 gently sloping acres interspersed with dozens of mature mango trees. The seller has preliminary subdivision approval for, count them, seven lots!! The beautiful 3 bedroom/2 bath home offers spectacular views of both the Pacific ocean and Haleakala. Own and control your own utilities on this state-of-the-art “off the grid” completely self sufficient property. The house has wonderful amenities, bamboo, tile, and sisal flooring. Corian throughout the kitchen and bathrooms, and a beautiful sunken Roman tub and shower. There is a 750sf loft walled with windows, windows from which you can actually see the curve of the earth. There is also a 672sf detached garage plumbed and wired for an easy conversion.

The main house with Haleakala in the background.

Premliminary subdivision approval provides the potential for an off the grid self sufficient subdivision.

This property is listed for $4.6 million dollars. The Jalbert Brothers may represent you as buyer’s agents.

In addition to the existing off the grid homes, there are also secluded parcels of vacant land on Maui available. Maui companies such as Rising Sun Solar can help you to build your off the grid dream home. For additional off the grid listings and off the grid vacant land, contact the Jalbert Brothers today!

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