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Dine Out for Hospice Maui Today

Today, participating restaurants around Maui will be donating a portion of the proceeds from their sales to Hospice Maui. Hospice Maui is a great local non-profit that provides quality compassionate care for the terminally ill and peace of mind for their families. Here is a list of the participating restaurants by regions and the meals they will be serving when the proceeds go to Hospice.

Central Maui Restaurants

  • Bistro Casanova’s (Lunch)
  • Da Kitchen Cafe (All Day)
  • McDonald’s Dairy Road (All Day)
  • McDonald’s Kahului (All Day)
  • Ruby’s Diner (All Day)

South Maui

  • Buzz’s Wharf Restaurant (Dinner)
  • Capische? (Dinner)
  • Fabiani’s Bakery and Pizzeria (Dinner)
  • Mala Wailea (Dinner)
  • Mulligans on the Blue (Dinner)
  • Stella Blues Cafe (All Day)
  • Pita Paradise Wailea (Dinner)
  • Monkeypod Kitchen (Dinner and Happy Hour Drinks)

North Shore

  • Moana Cafe (Dinner)
  • Flatbread Company (Lunch and Dinner)


  • Casanova Italian Restaurant (Dinner)
  • Kula Lodge and Restaurant (Dinner)
  • Market Fresh Bistro (Breakfast and Lunch)
  • Polli’s Mexican Restaurant (Lunch and Dinner)

West Maui

  • Honu Seafood and Pizza (Lunch and Dinner)
  • Mala Ocean Tavern (Lunch and Dinner)
  • Maui Brewing Company (Dinner)
  • Merriman’s Kapalua (Dinner and Happy Hour Drinks)
  • Star Noodle (Dinner)
  • Aloha Mixed Plate (Lunch)
  • Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop (All day)
  • Teddy’s Bigger Burgers (Dinner)
  • Fleetwood’s on Front Street (Lunch and Dinner)

If you considering dining out on Maui, visit one of these great participating restaurants to help support Hospice Maui!

Pete Jalbert

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